c/ Ordinance Officer

Ordinance Officer (ORDO)

The ORDO is responsible for assisting the SNSI/NSI in all matters relating to assigned weapons and related equipment. Under the direction of the XO, specific activities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain all assigned drill rifles and air rifles in good operating equipment.
  • Maintain the Unit Armory in a secure, orderly, and a neat manner.
  • Assist in care and storage of swords and belts
  • As directed by the SNSI/NSI, perform maintenance and upgrades on all rifles. (pellet straps will be cleaned only by the SNSI.)
  • Maintain the pellet traps for the air rifle, and upgrades on all rifles.
  • Always have a full accounting of all rifles, swords, duty belts and other equipment as required.

Academic Accomplishments:

Cadet Carr has earned his gold wings while in the Flight Academy. He is certified in Power point and Photoshop. He has done 1 year of digital design. He is at the top 25% of his grade level.

Extracurricular Activities:

Cadet Carr did 2 years of Flight Academy and is going into his 3rd year. He has also done 2 years of NJROTC and is about to go into his 3rd year. He has been on the drill team for 2 years and did Armed Exhibition, Armed Basic, Unarmed Basic, and Sit ups. He was on the Academic team and he did 2 years of Orienteering.

Community Service/ Involvement:

Cadet Carr has 150+ hours of documented community service hours with the Young Marines of Pensacola and at least 50 hours with NJROTC. He is constantly involved in NJROTC events and does everything in is power to attend them. Cadet Carr has received the community service ribbon multiple times.


Before high school, Cadet Carr was a proud Young Marine of 2 years as a Private First Class. He has received the American Legion Post 240 Military Award. He completed Cadet Basic and Basic Leadership Training both as head platoon. He was also the NS1 Unarmed Basic Commander his freshmen year. He received the circle 10 his freshmen year and was promoted to PO3.