1. When the tardy bell rings, cadets must be logged in, microphone off, camera on and ready for class.

2. You are responsible for finding an area close to your internet/Wi-Fi access point and away from distractions. BE AWARE OF YOUR SETTING. WHAT’S IN YOUR BACKGROUND WILL BE SEEN BY ALL IN THE CLASS SESSIONS.

3. To ask a question(s) during session, raise your hand. When called upon, unmute your mic and ask your question(s). After asking your question(s), mute your mic and await the response. Head nods are easily confused and therefore will not be used as a valid response. A thumbs-up is an affirmative or yes and a thumbs-down is a negative or no.

4. Listen to the daily announcements carefully. Write them down if need be. All announcements will be posted to the NJROTC Website ( They can be found on the homepage.

5. Bring all necessary materials to class each day. All assignments are to be handed in on the due date. Class work will not be accepted late unless you have an excused absence for the day the work was due. Cadets have three days, upon returning to school, to turn in an excused note and any missed assignments. Cadets must schedule a time with their instructor to make-up any missed tests or inspections.

6. EVERY NIGHT cadets will be held responsible for checking CANVAS for emails and updates. Each cadet needs to complete ALL assignments on time. Late assignments will incur a 10-point reduction in grade (i.e. 100 – 10 = 90). Each day late is a reduction of 10-points. Assignments that are more than 3-days late will result in a grade of ZERO.

7. Male cadets may not wear earrings while in uniform, at any NJROTC event, or in the NJROTC building, nor remote sessions. NO tongue rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings or any other visible piercing except earrings by females are allowed in the NJROTC building. Absolutely NO gauges. Females may ONLY wear one pair of AUTHORIZED earrings.

8. On uniform day, cadets will wear their uniform the entire school day. Prior permission from an instructor is required to deviate from this rule. Cadets out of uniform during class or the school day will receive a ZERO for their uniform grade for that day. Cadets absent on uniform days are responsible for wearing their uniform on the first day that they return back to school or log in (remote).

9. When a guest enters the NJROTC classroom, the Command: ATTENTION ON DECK” will be given and all cadets will come to the position of attention until the command “SEATS” is given.

10. Civilian clothes will be worn appropriately and in accordance with the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and the Escambia High School Dress Code. NO EXCEPTIONS.

11. Cadets will be dismissed at the end of class, not at the bell. All cadets will remain at attention next to their desk until dismissed by the instructor or platoon commander. Leave the area around your desk clean prior to leaving the classroom.

12. Do not come to the NJROTC building during you other classes. If the NJROTC instructors need cadets for special events, they will make arrangements with other teachers. Drill team cadets will come during their lunch hour to practice with a drill rifle.

13. SENIORS: Any senior that misses a uniform grade will receive an “F” for the day and not be allowed to make the grade up. In addition, they will lose their Khaki Uniform Privileges. If they miss a second uniform grade they will be placed in the NS-2/3 class and removed from the Escambia NJROTC program at the earliest possible date. ALL uniform regulations to include hair regulations will be strictly enforced. MIMIMUM STANDARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.


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