CDR Christopher Benjamin(USN, Ret.)

The Senior Naval Science Instructors (SNSI) shall perform those duties pursuant to current regulations, policies, and procedures as established by Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) and the host school. The SNSI also reports to the Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (NJROTC) area manager for administrative and logistical support. Under the general supervision of the high school principal, the Senior Naval Science Instructor will provide student cadets with instruction and leadership; oversee program implementation and development; act as a liaison between the program, school, parents, and the community to promote the objectives, values, and goals of the NSTC. 

SGTMAJ Andre Francis (USMC,Ret.)










SGTMAJ Andre Francis (USMC, Ret.)

The Marine Instructors in most units, they are responsible for the Leadership Education portion of the curriculum. This includes drills and ceremonies, principles of leadership and management, and communication skills. They assist the SNSI in teaching, particularly those areas where they have special competence because of their experience and training. They may give or grade tests, give career and performance counseling and supervise Cadet activities. They are also involved in enrollment and co-curricular activities.  They wear their Marine Corps Uniforms while performing NJROTC duties. The instructors, although not on active duty, are still working in and managing a military-type unit.

DCC Xavier King (USN, Ret.)

The Naval Science Instructors are also responsible for the requisition, maintenance, and storage of equipment, uniforms, weapons, and training supplies. The job has some budget and administrative responsibilities, and instructors are required to report on progress and logistics. Instructors must also ensure that they keep up-to-date with changes in the U.S. Navy and that they attend relevant naval or instruction training courses. Instructors work with feeder schools to recruit future candidates into their units, and counsel and mentor their cadets, helping them to identify and meet their college or career objectives.