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Tae Browne

Graduating Class of 2020

Athletic Officer, Athletic Team Member 

0311 Infantry Rifleman – U.S Marine Corps

We Thank You for your service Browne! 












Raina Brown

Graduating Class of 2018 

Operations Officer, Drill and Athletic Team

27D Paralegal  – U.S Army 

We thank you for your service Brown!









Jace Garica

Graduating Class of 2020 

Operations Officer, Drill Team Member 

7257 Air Traffic Controller  – U.S Marine Corps 

We thank you for your service Garica!


———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–This page is dedicated to past NJROTC Alumni that have graduated from Escambia High School

If you fall under this category, please send the following information to ehsnjrotcwebstaff@gmail.com:

  • Picture of yourself in Uniform (No civilian dress!)
  • Your Name (First and Last)
  • When you Graduated
  • What you did while in the unit
  • What you are now currently doing (Job/Career Related)

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