Academic Team

Academic Team Commander: C/Lieutenant Joshua Juntunen


As a member of this team, cadets will be expected to be able to recall various information from the NS1 textbook (INTRODUCTION TO THE NAVY), NS2 textbook (Naval Science 2: Maritime History, Leadership, and Nautical Sciences for the NJROTC Student), NS3 textbook (Naval Science 3: Naval Knowledge, Leadership, and Nautical Skills for the NJROTC Student), and lastly the CFM (Cadet Field Manual). After studying this information at practices, a number of cadets from the team (averaging about 8 cadets/2 teams per trip) will go to a meet, in other terms a Brain Brawl, and compete against other teams from various NJROTC units located in Area 8. The team as an individual (the 4 person team) can make it to the Area 8 Championships which consists of only units located in Area 8 and if they qualify for the National Championships then they will compete with NJROTC academic teams from around the country.



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