Chain of Command

President of the United States Of America – Donald J. Trump

Vice President – Mike Pence                                                                                   

Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo                                                               

Secretary of Defense – Christopher Miller                                                                                             

 Secretary of Navy – Kenneth J Braithwaite                                                                

Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff – General Mark Milley

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) – Admiral Michael M. Gilday                            

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy –MCPON Russell Smith 

Commandant of the Marine Corps –  General David H. Berger                                    

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps – Sgt. Maj. Troy E. Black.

Naval Education and Training Command(NETC) – Rear Admiral Peter Garvin               

Naval Service Training Command(NSTC) – Rear Admiral Milton J Sands III

Area 8 Manager- Commander Michael Mullen  

Senior Naval Science Instructor- Commander Christopher Benjamin 

Naval Science Instructor- Sergeant Major Francis 

Naval Science Instructor- Chief King

c/Commanding Officer (CO)-C/Commander ArieAnna Muro

c/Executive Officer (XO) –C/Lieutenant Commander Tatyana White

c/Command Master Chief (CMC)- C/Command Master Chief Jacob Barrow

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