Navy Knowledge & Terminology

Port – Left

Starboard – Right

Bulkheads – Walls

Overhead – Ceiling

Ladderwell – Stairs

Scuttlebutt – Water faucet/fountain or spreading rumors

Mind your P’s & Q’s – Be on your best behavior

Oldest Commissioned Ship in the Navy – USS Constitution

Nickname of the USS Constitution – “Old Ironsides”

Navy Flight Song – “Anchors Aweigh”

Founding of the Department of the Navy – 1798

Current Navy Seal Adopted in? – 1959

Birthday of the Navy – October 13, 1775

Father of the Navy – John Paul JOnes

Father of the Nuclear Navy – Admiral Hydmen Rickover

Who Names the Navy Ships Today? – Secretary of the Navy

Depth of a Fathom – 6 Feet

Navy Colors – Blue and Gold

Navy Mascot – Goat

Navy Emblem Meanings:

1. Eagle-National Defense

2. Ship at Sea-U.S. Naval Tradition

3. Ship-USS Constitution

4. Anchor-Maritime Tradition





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