NROTC Prep Program

N.P.P Admission

University Naval Science departments assist university admissions, and financial aid offices in screening applications, and university NPS awarding officials make scholarships offers. Upon acceptance of an NPS, a follow-on NROTC scholarship is reserved for the midshipman candidate at the respective institution. Requests to transfer reservations between universities require NROTC Preparatory Programs Office approval. Upon accepting an NPS, Midshipman candidates are no longer eligible for other NROTC scholarships. The scholarship reservation will become an NROTC scholarship, worth up to 40 months of benefits, upon Navy board verification of successful completion of the university NROTC preparatory program.

Additional university program-specific applications and information can be found on host university websites or by contacting the respective university’s Naval Science departments.

Who we are looking for:

The Navy seeks individuals who have demonstrated leadership, integrity, and character but lack standardized test scores and advanced course completions due to a lack of opportunity. Demonstrations of future Navy leadership potential include but are not limited to the following:

  • (1) Leadership and participation in a variety of school, extracurricular, community, or similar activities, particularly those with a charitable or public service purpose;
  • (2) Receipt of civic or similar awards;
  • (3) A history of a drive to succeed by excelling in school, sports, overcoming personal adversity, or the presence of other compelling factors, indicating that the student has a desire to succeed and the ability to overcome barriers; and
  • (4) Being regarded as a role model by the teachers and peers at their high school.

Not all the above factors need to be present. The intent is to provide additional opportunities to all who, for any of the above or similar reasons, demonstrate the potential for future success as a naval officer.

The NROTC Preparatory Program leverages programs such as Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programs to assist universities in identifying high-quality applicants. However, not all university programs require NJROTC participation.

NSTC’s N.P.P Website

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