U.S Naval Academy

Candidate Basic Eligibility

  • At least 17 years of age — must not have passed 23rd birthday on July 1st of year of entry
  • United States citizen by I-Day
  • Unmarried, not pregnant, and have no legal obligation to support a child or other individual
  • Good moral character

You NEED to Learn the Language!

  1. Apply for Admission (usna.edu/admissions)
  2. Admissions Board- Whole Person Assessment
  3. Medically Qualify
  4. Physically Qualify

Must be Qualified AND have a Nomination to be eligible to compete for an Appointment to USNA

Common Nomination Categories

  • Congressional – Open to all
    • Each Member of Congress can have up to 5 cadets / Midshipmen at each academy at any given time.
  • Presidential
    • Parent on active duty, or retired from active duty with pay
    • Parent on reserve duty with at least eight years service and 2880 points, or be eligible or drawing retired pay.
    • NROTC PNS can nominate 3 candidates per year
    • NJROTC Senior Instructor can nominate 3 candidates per year!
    • Designated JROTC Honor schools can nominate 3 additional candidates per year (plus 3 each to USMA & USAFA)!!
    • 65 total per year

Admission Board Evaluation

Whole Person Assessment

Admission Board evaluates a candidate’s

  • Academic Performance
  • Physical Abilities
  • Leadership Potential
    • GPA & Rank in secondary school class
    • SAT / ACT scores
    • Teacher recommendations
    • Extracurricular Activities
      • Athletic
      • Non-Athletic
    • Admissions Interview by Blue and Gold Officer

Medical Qualifications

  • Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board [DODMERB]
    • Schedules medical examinations for all officer accessions
    • DODMERB medical exam will be scheduled when candidate completes at least 5 documents of the application
    • Each Academy/officer accession program has different standards for entry
    • Reports status to candidate & programs
  • Note: DOMERB does not make the final decisions, the Academy does.  
    • DODMERB does nothing but compare physical results to the Academy standards, and if you don’t meet them, they declare you non-qual.  
    • The Academy will automatically start the waiver process if the candidate is otherwise desirable and they might want to appoint them!
    • If you have further medical information, submit it to DODMERB!

Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA)

Basketball Throw, Cadence Pull-ups, 40 Yard Shuttle, Abdominal Crunches, Push-ups, 1-Mile Run.

There are NO published minimums!

       However, have the cadet email their scores to their Admissions Counselor and ask if they think they should take it again for possible improvement.

Can ONLY be Administered by:


-Commissioned Military Officer (Active Duty)

-Physical Education Teacher (Coaches who are also PE teachers are ok)

-JROTC Instructors

-Senior Military Instructors (Military Prep schools)

Advice toward Admissions

  • Strong foundation in Mathematics and Science
    • Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry (Pre-Calculus & Calculus are  also very valuable and Highly encouraged)
    • Chemistry and Physics (with a lab if possible)
  • No minimum GPA – However, strive for the top 20% of your high school class.  
  • SAT/ACT – Take early and often.
    • Both USNA and NROTC super-score
  • AP/Honors/IB Courses are encouraged (if offered AND you can do well in them).
  • Well rounded vs. Overextension

Acceptance Overview

Applicants       ≈16,000

Triple Qualified        ≈6,000

 w/ Nomination        ≈3,300

Offers of admission ≈1,400*

Admitted        ≈1,200

*NOTE: That means that close to 60% of Triple Qualified candidates with nominations fail to get an offer of admission!

SO:  If you don’t get in this year…try again!!

Class of 2016

High School Class Rank

Top 10 %………………………….. 56%

Top 25%…………………………… 71%

Top Third…………………………. 87%

Varsity Athletes………………….. 90%

JROTC / CAP / NLSCC…………. 16%

College Board Data

  • Middle 50% of the class scored between:
  • Verbal 580-670
  • Math 620-700

Post-High School Admissions

  • Direct appointment from Navy, Marine Corps, and Other US Armed Services
    • 85-100 Candidates
  • College
    • 65-80 Candidates
  • Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS)
    • 200-230 candidates
  • Naval Academy Foundation Program

About one-third of each entering class matriculates from these programs


  • You cannot apply for NAPS/Foundation
    • It may  be offered, but you cannot ask for it.
  • If you attend a year of college first, recommend taking:
    • Calculus
    • Chemistry (with Lab)
    • English Composition
    • History

Naval Academy Summer Seminar

  • 6 day camp for high school students during the summer between Junior and Senior year.
  • Teach you about life at the Academy
  • 2,250 students each year attend
  • Not a requirement for application to USNA
  • Applications are available online beginning 15 January
  • Cost: ≈$525

*3 – 8 June 2017

*10 – 15 June 2017

*17 – 22 June 2017  


Summer Sports Camps

  • Campers live in Bancroft Hall
  • Use world class facilities
  • Interact with other athletes from around the country
  • Instructed by certified Coaches and Staff from USNA and other elite colleges
  • Camp sessions are age/grade dependent
    • Elementary school
    • Middle school
    • High school
  • Baseball (boys), Basketball, Crew, Cross Country, Football (boys), Lacrosse, Performance Enhancement, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Water Polo, Wrestling (boys)
  • Apply through Navysports.com/camps


CDR Royal Connell, USN-Ret

Naval Academy Information Officer (Blue & Gold Officer)







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