Athletic Officer #1

Academic Accomplishment: 

Cadet Guilford has completed two years of NJROTC and is on a path to graduate. He has maintained a GPA of 3.4 and has been certified in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Spreadsheet his Sophomore year. He has also completed Drivers Ed.

Extracurricular Activities: 

Cadet Guilford is on his third and final year of Drill Team and hopes to make it the best year he has ever had.

Community Service/Involvement: 

Cadet Guilford has attended every parade, school clean-up, and gator games that he can for the three years he has been here.


 Cadet Guilford plans to go into the Marine Corps and become an Aircraft Mechanic and help lead the Drill Team to Nationals.


 Cadet Guilford enjoys helping anyone he can, not only in NJROTC but in the entirety of school as well.