Athletic Officer #1

Academic Accomplishment: Cadet Ensign Woods has passed three certification tests in Microsoft Excel Word and Powerpoint. He maintains a 2.5 GPA with 2.6 unweighted and 2.7 weighted.

Extracurricular Activities: Cadet Ensign Woods did 1 year on the drill team, athletic team, and runs the 100 and 200-yard relays.

Community Service/Involvement: Cadet Ensign Woods has over 100 hours of community service hours. Marching in parades, working at Air shows, and also Teacher help week.

Goals:  Cadet Ensign Woods future goals are to enlist in the Air Force to become a Special Missions Aviator to man a gunship and going to college to detain a majors degree.

Other: On Cadet Ensign Woods free time he works his hardest to be the fastest runner in NJROTC of all time. After school, I enjoy working out and playing on my computer.