c/ Athletic Officer


Athletic Officer (AO)

The Athletic Officer is supervised by the Training Officer. The Athletic Officer is responsible for:

  • All NJROTC athletic events and activities including the athletic drill team and the physical fitness test.
  • Physical events at NJROTC meetings, picnics, or field trips.
  • Obtaining any athletic equipment needed for those events.
  • will conduct try-outs for competition athletic teams
  • Coordinate monthly athletic nights with the XO.

Academic Accomplishments

Cadet Ramirez has maintained a 3.0 GPA and he is on A-B honor roll.

Extracurricular Activities

Cadet Ramirez is on multiple drill teams including unarmed basic, Armed basic and armed Exhibition. He is also on 100 and 200 yard relay, sit ups and push-ups for athletics.

Community Service/Involvement

Cadet Ramirez has over 100 hours of community service helping out at such events like Cadet basic, Teacher help week, football games, MLK parade, Surfing Santa Parade, and the Veterans day parade.


“Im striving to be CMC”

-Cadet Ramirez