Cadet Basic 2016

XO Push-Up We March Everywhere Visit From the Guidance Coucelor Top 3 Sit-Up Toe-Touches Toe Touches #2 They Think They're cool Supply Trailer Supply Trailer #5 Supply Trailer #4 Supply Trailer #3 Supply Trailer #2 Supply Officers Stevens and Bosworth Staff Platoon Staff Be Like Simmons-Moering Sgt Maj Roman Twists Sgt Maj Instructing Sgt Maj Flutter Kicks Sgt Maj Begins Sgt Maj #3 Sgt Maj #2 SCPO SCPO Wants Intensity SCPO Instructing Roman-Twists Push-Up Squad Up Push-Up Squad Down Preparing For PT Prepare For Push-Ups Platoon Commanders Mountain Climbers Jumping Jacks Jenkins Gets The COW Inspection Hold It Get My 40 Inches Flutter-Kicks First School Circle First Day First Day #4 First Day #3 First Day #2 Dress-Right-Dress Delta Platoon Delta P Sgt Delta P CO Deary Craver Got That Knowledge CO Push-Up CMC Push-Up Cherry-Pickers Be Intense Charlie Platoon Charlie P Sgt Charlie P CO Charlie Learning Drill Bravo Platoon Bravo Platoon (2) Bravo Parade Rest Bravo P Sgt Bravo P CO Bravo Learning Drill Bravo Drill Bravo Drill #2 Bosworth Teaching Fall-Out Bosworth Is Always Watching Apin Alpha Staff Alpha Platoon Alpha P Sgt Alpha P CO Alpha Learning Drill Academics Academics Be Like

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