c/Command Senior Chief

Academic Accomplishments: Cadet Arnold is in his fourth year of the Flight Academy on campus. Is currently dual enrolled with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and passed the following classes: unmanned aerial vehicles and systems, principles of aeronautical science, and private pilot operations. Arnold has graduated two  ̈tours ̈ at the National Flight Academy each a week long. He has also passed several AP and honors classes, made a 74 on the ASVAB, and is in the top 22% of his class.

Extracurricular Activities: Arnold has been a part of the drill team for over 3 years and has been a part of the armed exhibition, armed basic, academic, and orienteering team, each for at least 2 years. He Graduated from Basic Leadership Training and Leadership Academy. He also attends piano lessons and church youth groups.
Community Service / Involvement: He has accumulated several hours participating in cemetery/community cleanups, cadet training camps, teacher help weeks, relay for life, parades, volunteering at the MGBC food pantry, car washes, and more. Color guard for football games and memorial ceremonies.
Goals: Cadet Arnold plans to get a 4-year scholarship and attain a pilot ́s license and go into either manned or unmanned aviation. He also plans to serve in the military enlisting in either the reserves or active duty in the future.
Other: Has received the Positive Behavior Outstanding Attendance Award and the Stephen Decatur Award Ribbon. 



Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)

The Master Chief Petty Officer is the senior enlisted Cadet of the Unit. Under the direction of the Commander, the Master Chief Petty Officer will perform the functions listed below and others assigned:

  • Supervise and be the “expert reference” for all Unit ceremonies.
  • Initiate and maintain a current roster of all Cadets in the Unit and their assigned position.
  • Take part in staff meetings to represent the views of the Cadet rank and file to staff.
  • Determine Cadet concerns and make these known to the staff at the appropriate time.
  • Carry out such other duties as may be assigned by the SNSI/NSI/CO/XO.
  • Supervise the Company’s Senior and Chief Petty Officers.
  • Supervise the Company’s 1st Lieutenants in the performance of their duties.
  • Regularly communicate with the NSI and seek his/her guidance on all matters pertaining to the welfare of the enlisted Cadets.
  • Lead by example, and be “involved”