c/Executive Officer


Battalion/Company Executive Officer (XO)

The XO will support the commander in all respects, and be ready to take charge of the unit in the absence of the Commander. The XO is also tasked to:

  • Supervise and coordinate all activities of the staff.
  • In the absence of the commander, supervise the subordinate staff as directed by the Commander.
  • Enforce rules and regulations of the unit, acting to solve the disciplinary problems before they come to the attention of the SNSI.
  • Keep the Company and Platoon Commanders and Staff Officers informed.
  • Lead by example, and be involved.


Academic Accomplishments

She has maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA. Also, have taken Honors or AP English classes her entire High school career. She also has done 3 years in the Criminal Justice Academy and currently still attending that class. she has also competed in a brain brawl meet for NJROTC. 


Extracurricular Activities:

 She is apart of the NJROTC drill team and has been going on 4 years. She has also been on the cross country team. 

Community Service/Involvement:

Cadet white has volunteered for cemetery clean-ups, gator games set up and competitions, teacher help week 4 times, cadet basics (1week long) for four years, color guard events, relay for life, and numerous parades!

She is the Executive Officer for the unit and she acts on behalf of the Commanding Officer in her absence. She also helps maintain the unit area. She also assist in enforcing any information given by the SNSI and NSI’s.




After high school, she plans on joining the Marine Corps as a combat officer, then changes her occupation to the Criminal Investigation Department. She wants to be in the Marines for 20 years or more. Once she retires she wants to join the FBI as a Profiler in the BAU department. After she retires from that, she wants to follow my grandpa’s footsteps and be a truck driver.