c/Executive Officer


Battalion/Company Executive Officer (XO)

The XO will support the commander in all respects, and be ready to take charge of the unit in the absence of the Commander. The XO is also tasked to:

  • Supervise and coordinate all activities of the staff.
  • In the absence of the commander, supervise the subordinate staff as directed by the Commander.
  • Enforce rules and regulations of the unit, acting to solve the disciplinary problems before they come to the attention of the SNSI.
  • Keep the Company and Platoon Commanders and Staff Officers informed.
  • Lead by example, and be involved.


Academic Accomplishments:

Cadet Dudley has a 3.5 GPA. He is certified in Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, photoshop, animate, and illustrator. He has had all AP and honors classes since his freshman year. He has also been a top scorer on the academic team for two years in a row

Extracurricular Activities:

This year Cadet Dudley will be completing his second ear on the gator elite drill team. He is a part of the armed and unarmed basic drill teams as well as the academic team. He has helped bring the Escambia brain brawl team to nationals for the first time in many years.

Community Service/Involvement:

Cadet Dudley has completed over 100 community service hours, participating in events such as the MLK parade, veterans day parade, cemetery cleanup, and other events


Outside of school, Cadet Dudley enjoys reading, fishing, playing video games, exercising, and going to the beach. His favorite book series is “The Legend of Drizzt”. His favorite fish to catch is King Mackerel


After graduating high school, Cadet Dudley plans on attending FSU on an ROTC scholarship. After college, he wants to go to an officer coordinate school and join the Navy as an officer in intelligence.