c/Operations Officer


 Operations Officer (OPSO)


The Operations Officer (OPSO) will support the CO and XO in all respects. The primary duty of the OPS Officer is to plan, schedule and coordinate all Unit activities and events. Under the direction of the XO, specific activities include but are not limited to those listed below:

  • Coordinate all scheduled Unit activities to ensure that the events happen according to plan.
  • Maintain the Unit master Schedule, Two-Month Plan of the Week.
  • Assist the SNSI/NSI in planning for field trips and all other Unit events.
  • Coordinate community service projects and events.
  • Maintain records of events the Unit participated in during the school year, number of cadets who participated, community service hours, and a historical file of event information such as direction, travel time, transportation arrangements, chaperones names and other relevant information for future planning.
  • Obtain and coordinate all necessary information (e.g. signatures, emergency numbers, etc.) for permission slips and participation rosters; submit to the SNSI via the chain of command a minimum of one week before every event in which the Unit is participating.



Academic Accomplishment:

 Cadet Hill is an accomplished young woman who has pushed herself out of her comfort zone by taking on honors courses throughout her high school curriculum. She was hesitant at first to join the JROTC program, but just after a few short months in the program, she was awarded a Circle 10 medal at her first Annual Military Inspection (AMI). The medal represents an overall well-rounded individual, hence the circle, which reflects the completion for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Personal Appearance. Although she was striving to be an accomplished cadet, she also strives to be an accomplished student. Her freshman year she competed in the regionals event for Latin. Her area of study was classical art which she took first place in while competing against other students from more than ten schools. 

Extracurricular Activities:

Cadet Hill is no stranger to competition. Her freshman year she decided to try out for the air rifle team. By only the second semester she qualified as the number 5 shooter for first-year cadets out of 300 at the Area 8 air rifle meet. Halfway through her sophomore year she was given the position of air rifle commander and held that position all the way through her junior year. She then began to broaden her horizons and tried out for the Gator Elite drill team her junior year. For only being on the team for less than a year, she has competed in unarmed basic, unarmed exhibition, and situps. For her upcoming senior year, she is working towards becoming the commander of the Armed basic team.

Community Service/Involvement:

Cadet Hill has accumulated over 100 hours of community service. She has participated in football games, Relay for Life, and numerous parades.


Cadet Lieutenant Commander Hill plans on going to college majoring in Psychology and minoring in Japanese. She also plans on doing ROTC and becoming an air traffic controller in the Air Force. 


Cadet hill was awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars medal. Which was given to her in special recognition of her outstanding academic achievements and exceptional leadership ability. She was also awarded spirit cadet at BLT which represents her determined attitude, persistence, and of course her uplifting and driving spirit. Also given to cadet Hill was the Honor Cadet award at the Leadership Academy. This award is only given to two cadets. To earn it, she had to compete with the other cadets in the academy for 1st place overall in academics, physical fitness, and drill. Over just three years in the NJROTC program cadet Hill has earned 19 medals 10 of which being best shooter awards for air rifle.