c/Operations Officer


Operations Officer (OPSO)

The Operations Officer (OPSO) will support the CO and XO in all respects. The primary duty of the OPS Officer is to plan, schedule and coordinate all Unit activities and events. Under the direction of the XO, specific activities include but are not limited to those listed below:

  • Coordinate all scheduled Unit activities to ensure that the events happen according to plan.
  • Maintain the Unit master Schedule, Two-Month Plan of the Week.
  • Assist the SNSI/NSI in planning for field trips and all other Unit events.
  • Coordinate community service projects and events.
  • Maintain records of events the Unit participated in during the school year, number of cadets who participated, community service hours, and a historical file of event information such as direction, travel time, transportation arrangements, chaperones names and other relevant information for future planning.
  • Obtain and coordinate all necessary information (e.g. signatures, emergency numbers, etc.) for permission slips and participation rosters; submit to the SNSI via the chain of command a minimum of one week before every event in which the Unit is participating.



Academic Accomplishment:

Cadet Garcia is certified in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and photoshop. He has received the Order of Daedalians and takes multiple AP and honors classes. Cadet Garcia also scored an 80 on his ASVAB test.

Extracurricular Activities: Cadet Garcia has spent most of his junior year on the drill team. Cadet Garcia has been in ROTC all four of his high school years is on the armed exhibition, armed basic, and unarmed basic team. He has placed 4th in a personal armed basic knockout.

Community Service/Involvement:

Cadet Garcia takes every chance he gets to participate in community service events including, parades, cleanups, and other events to spread awareness for good causes, gator games, football security detail, veterans day parade, and the MLK parade

Goals:  Cadet Garcia enjoys drawing and practicing with his rifle.

Other: N/A