Public Affairs Officer


Academic Accomplishment: 

Extracurricular Activities: Cadet Travis is a member of the Gator Elite’s Drill team for 3 years. He is also the Commander of the award-winning Unarmed Ex Team. For the past 3 years, he has been a member of the orienteering team, and a member of the Athletic and Academic teams for 3 years. Also for the past 3 years, he has been the Team Manager for the Lady Gator Basketball, Lady Gator Weightlifting Team, & the Track Team. During his sophomore year, he was a member of the varsity cheer team. He is an active member of the Escambia High School Anchor Club. He’s a member of the Student Senior Council.

Community Service/Involvement: Cadet Travis participates in various community services events such as cleanups, relay for life, multiple parades, and school tours during the summer. He also volunteers at his local church.









Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

The PAO is responsible for assisting with all public relations/publicity matters affecting the unit. He/she reports to the CO/XO via the OPS officer. Under the direction of the XO, specific activities include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that press releases and/or articles are prepared and submitted to the SNSI via NSI; when approved by the SNSI, ensure all press releases and/or articles are submitted to appropriate news media each time an event of interest is scheduled and/or takes place. Media to be considered will include as a minimum local newspaper and the school newspaper.
  • Establish a system that will ensure positive contact by a PAO member with each NJROTC group likely to have newsworthy activities.
  • Establish communications with parents through the publication of a periodic newsletter, newspaper, or web page to be published at least once per school quarter and distributed in the MEDIA folder.
  • Ensure that comprehensive files for PAO-related material are established and maintained. At a minimum, the following files are to be established.
  • NJROTC news releases and list of media to which submitted.
  • Copies of all news mentioning NJROTC and/or its Cadets.
  • NJROTC Newsletters, Newspaper, and Web Page entries.
  • Photographs of NJROTC activities arranged by subject and properly labeled as to date, event, and persons involved.
  • Arrange for publicity for NJROTC activities including annual inspection, competitions, field meets, drill meets, Change of Command, fund-raisers, social events, and projects.
  • Ensure the maintenance of a Unit history with such detail that a clear picture of the year’s activities is presented.
  •  Makes sure appropriate photographic coverage of all Unit events is obtained.
  • Ensure that NJROTC pages in the yearbook properly reflect the activities of the Cadets by working with the yearbook staff on the layout.
  • Ensure that fund-raising activities sponsored by the Unit are given appropriate support and publicity.
  • Assist the SNSI in maintaining the Unit’s Web Home Page (if applicable). This may be done by an approved Cadet web-master.
  • Maintain a point of contact listing for all local news media.