Push-Ball Tournament


Date(s) - 09/24/2016
All Day

Event Notes

Come support the EHS NJROTC Cadets.

1. On 15 September 2012, Tate High School will sponsor the 1st Annual JROTC Pushball Tournament. The tournament will be conducted at J.M. Tate High School located at 1771 Tate Road, Cantonment, FL 32533.

2. The competition will feature both male and female divisions. First and second place trophies will be awarded in each division.

3. Teams (both male and female) will consist of seven players each. Schools that do not have their own unique shirts to compete in will be given colored pinnies to play in (to ensure it is clear which team a competitor belongs to during the game). The cost for each team entered is $75.00. Please make checks out to: Tate High School and put AJROTC in the memo section.

4. Teams are required to sign in between 0730 and 0755. The opening ceremony for the tournament will begin at 0800. Each team captain will draw for their team’s seed in the brackets. Once the brackets are populated, the male teams will begin play on Field 1 and female teams will begin play on Field 2. All play is determined by the brackets. For this first competition, since it is double elimination, we will limit the field to 12 male teams and 12 female teams. It is estimated that the tournament will be completed at approximately 1500 hrs.

5. Referees will inspect each team prior to each game to ensure that everyone is in the proper playing uniform. Each team’s players should wear the same color shirt (numbers are not needed) or use the pinnies provided. No jewelry is allowed to be worn during a game. To ensure the game is fair and safe for everyone, no cleats are authorized. Shoes may be high or low top. Senior ROTC cadets from UWF are scheduled to officiate but should something happen and external officials not be available, the referees used may not referee any game in which the school they represent is playing.

6. Game play:

a. Games (since it is a double elimination tournament) consist of two seven minute halves with a three minute intermission between halves. Time is kept on the field by the official. The game is played with a running clock. The official may stop the clock in the event of an injury or to assess a penalty for delaying the game. Should a game be tied following the second half, a sudden death overtime will be played after a two minute break. The overtime will run for 3 minutes beginning mid field. If neither team scores, the winner will be the team that in the officials opinion came closest to scoring during the

J.M. Tate High School

1771 Tate Road

Cantonment, FL 32533

overtime (gained the most yards toward the opponents goal).

b. A team consists of seven players. It is a good idea to bring a couple of alternates as teams may substitute for an injured player.

c. If there is a question, during the game, only the team captain may address the referee.

d. Teams switch goals at halftime (change ends of the field).

7. Schools that have a pushball of their own should bring it as a back-up for the tournament. It is possible for balls to leak or covers to tear during a game making it necessary for a substitute.

8. The Tate JROTC Parents group will operate a concessions stand. We plan to have a $5.00 combo meal available. Teams may purchase tickets for the meal and include the cost with the entry fee if so desired.

9. Each school may send one male team and one female team. If we do not have 12 teams (from different schools) registered by 31 August 2012, I will fill the open slots on a first come basis from any schools that would like to send additional teams.

10. Point of contact at Tate is the undersigned at (850) 937-2300 ext 263.


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