Ordanance Officer


Ordinance Officer (ORDO)

The ORDO is responsible for assisting the SNSI/NSI in all matters related to assigned weapons and related equipment. Under the direction of the XO, specific activities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain all assigned drill rifles and air rifles in good operating equipment.
  • Maintain the Unit Armory in a secure, orderly, and a neat manner.
  • Assist in care and storage of swords and belts.
  • As directed by the SNSI/NSI, perform maintenance and upgrades on all rifles. (Pellet traps will be cleaned only by the SNSI.)
  • Maintain the pellet traps for the air rifle, and upgrades on all rifles.
  • Always have a full accounting of all rifles, swords, duty belts and other equipment as required.

Academic Accomplishment: Cadet Ensign White has completed two full years of Criminal Justice Academy and two full years of NJROTC. She has received the American Legion award and Academic ribbon. She also has maintained a 2.8 or higher GPA since the 9th grade.

Extracurricular Activities: Cadet Ensign White has been on the Drill team for 2 full years and has gone to many drill meets including nationals.

Community Service/Involvement: Cadet Ensign White has marched in parades, Cemetary cleanups, and assist others when asked in my NJROTC unit. Outside of that she volunteers at the Myrtle Grove Eagles Football Feild and helps the kids.

Gaols:  Cadet Ensign Whites goals in the future are to hopefully go to college at a local college and join the U.S. Marine Corps.  She wants to travel as much as possible. She does not want kids in the future but God may have other plans. When she retires after about 20 years she wants to drive semi trucks for a big company.

Other: Some of Cadet Ensign White’s hobbies are exercising and practice driving. She loves going swimming when the weather is right. She is interested in doing more in her high school years.