Orienteering Officer


Team Captains (Academic and Orienteering)

Team captains are responsible for the overall training and management of their teams. Under the direction of the Cadet Commander, they will prepare Cadets to participate in NJROTC-sponsored and other competitions. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Establish, publish, and hold a regular schedule of training sessions.
  • Nominate qualified Cadets to take part in competitions.
  • Establish and maintain team assignments to support the best training and competitiveness of the teams.
  • Verify team members ribbon request forms for awarding the Team Ribbon in accordance with established criteria.
  • Maintain a file of material that will assist Cadets in preparing for tests.
  • Coordinate desired competitions with the team’s coordinator.
  • Maintain accurate muster records for each scheduled practice. A permanent muster book will be utilized and the book will be placed in permanent file at the end of the school year. Those team members who have excused absence from school on the day of a practice or who have been excused by the CO/XO or SNSI/NSI will not be penalized in any way.
  • Ensure the PAO is provided with the information concerning activities of teams so that press coverage can be obtained.
  • Provide a list of those Cadets qualified to receive the NJROTC Varsity Letter (through the Chain of Command) three weeks prior to the end of the year Change of Command ceremony.

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