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Supply Officer (SUPPO)

The SNSI has assigned one NSI to act as his Military Property Custodian (MPC). As such the NSI is responsible for the proper and accurate accounting of all Unit supplies and Equipment. The NSI will provide necessary guidance and direction to the Supply Officer to ensure this accounting is completed as required.

  • Under the direction of the XO, the Supply Officer is responsible for the requisitioning, receiving, issuing, accounting, storage, and security of all items of uniform clothing, textbooks, training aids, and other material placed in the NJROTC storage room and supply room.
  • Prepare orders for the uniforms and other equipment as required by the SNSI and MPC.
  • Ensure that an accurate record of all uniforms issued to each cadet is maintained.
  • Ensure that the supply storeroom is kept clean and neat at all times.
  • Utilize all assigned personnel to issue and turn-in uniform and equipment.
  • Inform the NSI of items that need to be ordered because of high usage/or short supply.
  • Ensure that an accurate wall-to-wall inventory is conducted when required.
  • Assist with the receipt, storage, issue and inventory management of the Navy uniforms and equipment.
  • Train, direct and supervise supply room personnel in the performance of supply functions.
  • Select and train a Storekeeper Petty Officer in each class.
  • Maintain an accurate record of supply inventory and Cadet uniform issue and return in the JUMS database.


Academic Accomplishments: Cadet Velez was awarded two circle ten medals at his freshman and sophomore annual AMI inspections. He has also been nominated and awarded the National Society of the Revolution Medal. He is currently ranked in the top 20% of the graduating class of 2020. He was also one out five students in the state of Florida t be accepted and received a scholarship to attend the spirit of the American Youth Leadership Program at FreedomFoundation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Extracurricular Activities: Cadet Velez has participated in Escambia High schools Soccer, Track and field Junior Varsity as well as the Cross country Varsity team.  He has also participated in Escambia High School NJROTC Pushball, Orienteering, Push-up, and 100 relay teams. Velez has been a former Assistant Public Administration Officers, as well a member of Web Staff.

Community Service/Involvement: Cadet Velez has over 70 hours of volunteer community service from events such as Relay for Life, Surfing Santa Parade, Veterans Day Parade, MLK Parade, Unity in our community, Myrtle Grove cemetery clean up, and Wreaths Across America. He’s also involved in after-hours school cleaning and cleaning of beaches, parks, and other local areas to better his community.

Goals: Cadet Velez’s near term goals is to attain a 3.0 GPA or higher. He also hopes to continue to improve and build upon the fundaments of his NJROTC unit by being the most reliable Supply Officer he can possibly be. He plans to be the most outstanding NS4 cadet he can possibly be and taking a more active role as an officer and leader in motivating other cadets to become as outstanding as they can possibly become. He also will continue unto college and upon graduation plans to join the U.S. Marine corps as an officer and eventually became a member of MARSOC.

Other: When Cadet Velez is not busy cleaning up his community he likes to do karate. He has done 10 years of Sharin-Ryu Matsushinkan Karate.


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